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Paradise City Arts Festival, Marlborough

  It’s Spring!  And I’m starting off the season with the Paradise City Arts Festival in Marlborough, MA.  Read more

It’s Spring!

  …and I’m getting ready!  The first big show of the season is coming up… Read more

Norwich Winter Farmer’s Market

It is upon us – the INDOOR farmer’s market season!  And it starts this week!!! Read more

Studio / Showroom

The Frog Song Designs studio / showroom is open!  Located in Bethel, Vermont at 1887 River Street (also the intersection of Routes 12 and 107), the studio is open whenever I’m working – contact me first if you’re planning a special trip!

email: andrea @

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About Andrea Trzaskos and Frog Song Designs.

I took up pottery as a casual hobby in 2006, but was ultimately forced to debut my work in my first studio show when I could no longer fit all of my pottery into my own house.

My opening show was held at the Judy Jensen Clay Studio in Rochester, Vermont in August of 2011.  I  have since opened my own studio/showroom in Bethel, Vermont and now regularly appear at regional craft fairs and art markets.


I enjoy making tableware to be both functional and decorative. Although each piece can be enjoyed as a work of art, all plates, platters and bowls are thick, high fired stoneware finished in a food safe glaze – they are made to be used as much as they are made to be enjoyed.

Every one of my pieces is hand built. Plates, platters and bowls are either shaped by hand or pressed into molds. Surface designs are carved or sculpted. I work free-hand.  Carved pieces are painted with either a slip or underglaze into which I inscribe my designs.  Sculpted surfaces are shaped with any combination of tools and fingers that lend themselves to the task as I go.

Although I have some favorite designs that continue to be revisited, I don’t work from any sort of a template – every piece is created according to the inspiration of the moment, and is unique.

Tiles and Trivets

My carved tiles can be mounted as wall hangings or be put to use as trivets and coasters.  All are durable, high fired stoneware.  Each tile has been hand built – I cut and shape each tile from slabbed clay.  Carved tiles have been painted with glazes or slips into which I have carved each design free-hand, so no two are ever exactly alike.

With sculpted tiles, anything goes – I enjoy making strongly three-dimensional pieces to create interesting wall hangings.  Sizes and shapes are entirely irregular, with each tile formed with hand tools and my hands as inspiration dictates.


I enjoy making vases in a variety of shapes and sizes, but I really have fun making vases as large as the kiln will allow.

Regardless of size and shape, every vase has been hand built.  Carved surfaces are painted in a slip or underglaze into which I carve each design, working free hand.  Sculpted shapes are formed with my hands and with hand tools, as each piece calls for.

Studio Opening!!!

It’s time!  The official debut of the Frog Song Designs studio in Bethel. Read more

Waterbury Arts Fest, 2013

 I’ll be making my first appearance at the Waterbury Arts Fest in 2013! Read more

Woodstock Market on the Green, 2013

I had a great time last summer, and I’ll be participating in the Woodstock Market on the Green again this year! Read more

Arts Fest Beverly, 2013

I’ll be going to Arts Fest Beverly for this first time this year!  Read more

Norwich Farmers Market, 2013

I’ll be joining the Saturday Norwich Farmers Market this year, for three dates. Read more

Celebrate! West Hartford, 2013

I’ll be off to Connecticut for Celebrate West Hartford on June 8 and 9.  Read more

Spring Open Studio, 2013

The debut of my new studio space – I’ll be participating in the Vermont Crafts Council’s 2013 Spring Open Studio Weekend! Read more

SOWA Open Market, 2013

I’m excited to be joining SOWA Open Market for 6 of their Sunday Arts & Crafts Markets in the South End of Boston.  Read more

Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Fair, 2013

I’ll be in Manchester, Vermont on May 18 for Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Fair. Read more

A Hit! Vermont Artisan Trunk Show ‘Woodstock Edition’

It was a success!  The Vermont Artisan Trunk Show rolled into Woodstock for a Presidents Day ‘Woodstock Edition’ at the Little Theater.  Read more

Vermont Artisan Trunk Show ‘Woodstock Edition’


Presidents Day Weekend 2013

Sat., Feb. 16, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM &

Sun., Feb. 17, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Vermont Artisan Trunk Show’s next event!  Our rolling trunk show will make a Presidents Day weekend stop at the Little Theater in Woodstock.  A dozen Vermont artisans and crafts people will convene to show and sell their work in the historic old mill building that now serves as a theater and function space. Read more

Vermont Artisan Trunk Show: Quechee

I’m off to the Parker House Inn in Quechee, Vermont on Sunday, Dec. 16th to join a great group of artists at the Vermont Artisan Trunk Show.  Read more