Me & My Inspirations

A gardener first, I came to clay with a love for working with my hands in dirt and a passion for the outdoors that my life in Vermont continues to nurture. I have been delighted to discover that clay work allows a continuing exploration of the themes that shape and inspire me – nature and natural beauty, wind, water, movement, flight, stillness.

A Brief History

Ceramics began for me as a casual hobby with ‘clay nights’ at a nearby studio, but it wasn’t long before the hobby grew out of control – in 2011 I was pushed into debuting my work in a studio show when I could no longer fit all of it into my own house. It was a short step from that first show to the opening of my own studio in Bethel. Although I do sneak away for a bit of traveling and to spend time outdoors, the studio is where I am now found more often than not. My first decade in ceramics has passed in a flash, and I continue to find working in clay to be endlessly challenging…fascinating…frustrating…fun….

My Inspirations

I’m fortunate to have visited and lived in a variety of natural environments, and in my work I am able to draw from it all. Tropical forests…desert skies…oceans…mountain views…wildlife…wind…water…snow…clouds…birds…. I spend time outdoors as much as I can, and the inspirations are endless.