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New Work: 2012

Think Big!

A late winter project – monumental vases!  I spent the early months of 2012 making vases as large as the kiln would allow – a fun way to pass the coldest months.

New Work: 2012

Even Bigger!

The giant vase of grasses was followed this winter by the more giant vase of chickadees and owl – my attempt to capture an interaction witnessed in my own backyard between a napping barred owl and a daring flock of chickadees.


“Tut Tut” – Double Crane Vase

This vase was hand-built in the shape of two overlapping cranes standing in a bed of tall grasses.  It was sold before I measured it (oops!), but stood approximately 18 inches tall.  The vase did have a name, however – a dear friend christened it “Tut Tut”.