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Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Fair, 2013

I’ll be in Manchester, Vermont on May 18 for Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Fair. Read more

A Hit! Vermont Artisan Trunk Show ‘Woodstock Edition’

It was a success!  The Vermont Artisan Trunk Show rolled into Woodstock for a Presidents Day ‘Woodstock Edition’ at the Little Theater.  Read more

Vermont Artisan Trunk Show ‘Woodstock Edition’


Presidents Day Weekend 2013

Sat., Feb. 16, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM &

Sun., Feb. 17, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Vermont Artisan Trunk Show’s next event!  Our rolling trunk show will make a Presidents Day weekend stop at the Little Theater in Woodstock.  A dozen Vermont artisans and crafts people will convene to show and sell their work in the historic old mill building that now serves as a theater and function space. Read more

Vermont Artisan Trunk Show: Quechee

I’m off to the Parker House Inn in Quechee, Vermont on Sunday, Dec. 16th to join a great group of artists at the Vermont Artisan Trunk Show.  Read more

Women’s Festival of Crafts 2012

Another great holiday show!  I exhibited at the Women’s Festival of Crafts at City Hall in Burlington, November 24 and 25.  Read more

Craft Vermont 2012

It was a great show – I took my pottery and nuno felt scarves to the Vermont Hand Crafters’ annual Craft Vermont holiday show at the Sheraton Conference Center in Burlington.  Read more

Last 2012 Market on the Green!

I’m off to Woodstock today for the last Market on the Green of the 2012 season.  Read more

My Work.

My work includes the decorative and the functional, ranging from sculpture and decorative tiles, to vases, vessels and food-safe plates and platters.

Recent Work

A new theme for late summer in Vermont – dragonflies!  They’re everywhere, inspiring a series of plates, platters, tiles and bowls.

Summer Project – Tiles

Or maybe they’re trivets.  In any case, I was asked to make some bathroom tiles this summer and it started me on a flurry of tile making.  They’ve been mounted on walls, propped up on shelves, and it also turns out that they make fabulous trivets.


I’ve gone exotic in the late summer – peacocks!  Read more

Ocean Breezes…

It’s been hot and dry…so I’m thinking of water.  Read more

Birds of Summer – Herons

It’s summer, and they’re back on Vermont’s lakes and rivers – herons! Read more

Think Big!

A late winter project – monumental vases!  I spent the early months of 2012 making vases as large as the kiln would allow – a fun way to pass the coldest months.

Even Bigger!

The giant vase of grasses was followed this winter by the more giant vase of chickadees and owl – my attempt to capture an interaction witnessed in my own backyard between a napping barred owl and a daring flock of chickadees.

Monumental Grasses

A vase of grasses – the first of the monumental vases I made in early 2012. Read more

Friends of Chickadees – Tufted Titmice

5 inch plate

Following up on my recent chickadee theme – the tufted titmouse! A small group of titmice keep our chickadees company, so I had to carve some titmouse plates as well. Read more

Theme of the Week: Chickadees!

13 inch platter

They’re everywhere around my house and in the woods – and absolutely the cheeriest of winter companions.  So, this week…it’s chickadees! Read more

“Tut Tut” – Double Crane Vase

This vase was hand-built in the shape of two overlapping cranes standing in a bed of tall grasses.  It was sold before I measured it (oops!), but stood approximately 18 inches tall.  The vase did have a name, however – a dear friend christened it “Tut Tut”. Read more

“Clyde” – Crane Vase

“Clyde” is a crane, and my biggest vase of 2011 – he stands just over 23 inches tall. Read more