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Posts from the ‘2011’ Category

“Tut Tut” – Double Crane Vase

This vase was hand-built in the shape of two overlapping cranes standing in a bed of tall grasses.  It was sold before I measured it (oops!), but stood approximately 18 inches tall.  The vase did have a name, however – a dear friend christened it “Tut Tut”. Read more

“Clyde” – Crane Vase

“Clyde” is a crane, and my biggest vase of 2011 – he stands just over 23 inches tall. Read more

Dancing Crane

This vase is sculpted in the shape of a dancing crane, 19 inches tall. Read more

Mamo Vase

The Mamo vase was hand built and shaped, then painted with a slip that the foliage design is carved into.  Read more

Newest Color Combination.

My latest round of plates includes this new color combination – a striking contrast between designs carved in black underglaze under a warm honey-colored (food safe!) glaze.

Plates A-Blooming!

Of course, not all flowers need be bright – I also really enjoy the simplicity of black designs against a subtle, not-too-white glaze.

Recent Work.

I headed into the winter of 2011 – 2012 making floral plates and platters – lots of color to focus on as the days got dark and cold.  Designs are painted in underglaze then carved for greater detail – so no two pieces are ever quite alike.