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Posts from the ‘Portfolio’ Category

Some of the Latest…

One week to go until the Woodstock, Vermont Art & Wine Festival…some of these newest pieces will be with me there.  Read more

Paradise City Arts Festival, Spring 2014

 It was a great Memorial Day Weekend at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA!  My first trip to this show, Read more

The Very Latest – Wall Tiles!

My new project for the summer – wall tiles!  Read more

The Latest – Monarchs!

The milkweed is blooming and it’s (finally) stopped raining – time for our monarch butterflies to return. Read more

They’re Back! New Dragonflies.

The earliest dragonflies have returned to Vermont, and with them a new dragonfly design.  Read more

New Mum Design!

A new twist on a previous theme – mums! A new design from the early spring of 2013 – mums revisited. Read more

Women’s Festival of Crafts 2012

Another great holiday show!  I exhibited at the Women’s Festival of Crafts at City Hall in Burlington, November 24 and 25.  Read more

Craft Vermont 2012

It was a great show – I took my pottery and nuno felt scarves to the Vermont Hand Crafters’ annual Craft Vermont holiday show at the Sheraton Conference Center in Burlington.  Read more

Recent Work

A new theme for late summer in Vermont – dragonflies!  They’re everywhere, inspiring a series of plates, platters, tiles and bowls.

Summer Project – Tiles

Or maybe they’re trivets.  In any case, I was asked to make some bathroom tiles this summer and it started me on a flurry of tile making.  They’ve been mounted on walls, propped up on shelves, and it also turns out that they make fabulous trivets.


I’ve gone exotic in the late summer – peacocks!  Read more

Ocean Breezes…

It’s been hot and dry…so I’m thinking of water.  Read more

Birds of Summer – Herons

It’s summer, and they’re back on Vermont’s lakes and rivers – herons! Read more

Think Big!

A late winter project – monumental vases!  I spent the early months of 2012 making vases as large as the kiln would allow – a fun way to pass the coldest months.

Even Bigger!

The giant vase of grasses was followed this winter by the more giant vase of chickadees and owl – my attempt to capture an interaction witnessed in my own backyard between a napping barred owl and a daring flock of chickadees.

Monumental Grasses

A vase of grasses – the first of the monumental vases I made in early 2012. Read more

Friends of Chickadees – Tufted Titmice

5 inch plate

Following up on my recent chickadee theme – the tufted titmouse! A small group of titmice keep our chickadees company, so I had to carve some titmouse plates as well. Read more

Theme of the Week: Chickadees!

13 inch platter

They’re everywhere around my house and in the woods – and absolutely the cheeriest of winter companions.  So, this week…it’s chickadees! Read more

“Tut Tut” – Double Crane Vase

This vase was hand-built in the shape of two overlapping cranes standing in a bed of tall grasses.  It was sold before I measured it (oops!), but stood approximately 18 inches tall.  The vase did have a name, however – a dear friend christened it “Tut Tut”. Read more

“Clyde” – Crane Vase

“Clyde” is a crane, and my biggest vase of 2011 – he stands just over 23 inches tall. Read more