Author: andrea


A Bit About Me…

After years of intention but no available time, I finally took up pottery as a casual hobby in 2006 with weekly ‘clay nights’ at the Judy Jensen Clay Studio in Rochester, Vermont. Judy was increasingly generous with studio time and space as my commitment grew, until in 2011 I was […]


My Inspirations…

A nature lover and a gardener first, I came to ceramics with a love for working with my hands in dirt and an appreciation for the outdoors that my life in Vermont continues to inspire. I haven’t embarked on my path through pottery with any clear direction in mind (it […]


My Process…

From the smallest of tiles to the largest of vases, each of my pieces is hand built. I work with slabs and coils to form the shape I’m after, then sculpt the surface or carve in colored underglazes to create the design – always working free-hand so that every piece […]